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Amazing project. Really loved the graphics. Planning to make this into a full game? As a fellow godot developer, always love to stumble across amazing games like these made on godot. 

Thank you so much for your kind words and the video. Really entertaining and sums the game quite well. Glad you liked the game and were able to finish it. Definitely looking to incorporate more graphics into my next game.

Hello, would love to support.  What do you have in mind? You can check out my game  here -  (Made with Godot). 

Great, will be looking forward to that.

Hey, first of all thank you for making this.  Was smiling all throughout the video. I loved how you said you were going to end at a particular number of orders but kept on going. And yes, there's an end and you were very close to it. 

Furthermore, I could see some bugs.  You don't necessarily need to enter the order in order of how it was said, it's a bug and I am working on it. Similarly, if you add 2 peri peri fries and then delete 1 and then enter, somehow that ends the game as well , again, that is a known bug that I am working on.  Also, will have to check why you were getting that 'You Freen' message. Haven't seen others getting it, it's part of some old code that others haven't encountered. 

Nonetheless, you weren't  bad  at the game and did well. I am so so glad that you see potential in the concept. I made the game in its current state just to see if people enjoy the core gameplay and have enough validation now. 

Thank you once more. 

Welcome to Day at the counter. A game not about making food, or eating it, or slashing it but a game about taking orders. For food. Your uncle runs the most popular burger joint in the town called 'Burgers & Fries". The rush at the joint is unbelievable. People order food, and they do it fast. Your uncle has asked for your help for a day. Will you help him out?

Checkout the game here.

I know how to incorporate images into my game engine (Godot), it's just that I wanted to give it a realistic feeling and most of the real PoS systems don't have images either  :). 

Glad you liked the game. How long did it take to finish the game?

Hehe, thank you so much for the comment. Hope you liked the gameplay as well. Would love your feedback on the same. 

In terms of graphics, I have heard that real PoS look even uglier. Wasn't sure where I could incorporate my art work.