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I love the style of this game! It feels very polished visually. It was a bit tough to navigate as some have mentioned (clicking repeatedly to walk around but then you accidentally click on an object/person). Once I looked in the comments to see there was a "confront" option, it became a lot easier to finish the game. Basically every time you get a new clue, talk to everyone and talk to them abut the clue plus all of the people. That seemed to work for me. The motive was a little silly, but I can understand as idols their image is truly forefront. And of course it's always the person you least suspect. I'm glad I played the game, I hope there are more stories to come from Goat Detective!

Thank you for playing the game!  We are glad to see the game has had good reception, the feedback has been amazing and we are learning a lot from all of your recomendations :)