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This is so tranquil and nice. I like how each feather tells a story. How do you get the one beside the palm tree in the first screen? I haven't been able to figure that one out. 

This is such a cute game! The design is awesome and the mechanics are super unique. I like having to use people as "tools" to progress. Really great job!

This is so cute!! I just wish there was more. Please let us know if you make more levels or add different pets! :)

Gave an uncaught Java error after I said "Sure" to him asking to come over in Chrome :(

Are you looking for feedback/bug reports? Or was this solely for the jam?

I'm on the second level, playing in Chrome. Shift, Z, and J don't do anything when I push them and I cannot jump high enough to progress the game. Do you recommend a different browser?

I love the style of this game! It feels very polished visually. It was a bit tough to navigate as some have mentioned (clicking repeatedly to walk around but then you accidentally click on an object/person). Once I looked in the comments to see there was a "confront" option, it became a lot easier to finish the game. Basically every time you get a new clue, talk to everyone and talk to them abut the clue plus all of the people. That seemed to work for me. The motive was a little silly, but I can understand as idols their image is truly forefront. And of course it's always the person you least suspect. I'm glad I played the game, I hope there are more stories to come from Goat Detective!

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I'm so sad it's over but I'm so glad I played! I can't wait for part 2. I really loved the art style, and the pace was perfect. The characters were engaging and dynamic. Of course the end was heartbreaking but I hope it gets better in the second part! I also loved that the "love interest" character was androgynous so it would flow well depending on whether you chose a boy or girl as your preference. Overall really well done and tons of game play time!