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Very cool concept! The art and sound design were stunning.

The style was cool and I liked the mechanic once I got used it it. This game is a little unpolished and a bit confusing, but once you figure it out (and read the instructions before you hit "New Game") then it becomes a little more clear. The NPC's are a little buggy in that they twitch around a lot once you discover the body. Overall though, I liked it!

I played twice - the first time I got probably the worst ending, and the second I think I got the "good" ending. I had to play a second time because the first one was so traumatizing. I'm glad I did. This was a lovely game about friendship, love, and being able to talk to those you love about what's going on. I related a lot to all of the characters, and this did end up feeling pretty realistic in terms of dialogue. Great game!

Super lovely! I'm really glad I played it.

Absolutely stupendous experience/game! Excellent at building suspense. The end was more "WTF??" than terrifying, but that's okay! I like the premise, the world building, and the style of gameplay a lot. I feel like game designers could really take a page from this game!

Overall I thought this game was a super creepy experience that also bordered on adorable!

Things I liked: 

-The ambiance was really good, definitely a super spooky vibe.

-Everything is really well animated.

- The sound design was AMAZING.

- The backing track was perfect.

- I can't tell if it's a big bow or cat ears on the main character but either way, super adorable.

- I like the PT style of game where subtle things change each walkthrough. 

Things that could be improved:

- I really wish there was a back story for this game as I feel like it would make it more memorable since the rest of the game is so well done.

- The text "The door is locked" flashes 3 times, not sure if that's intentional.

- The mirror ghost activates every time you pass by it which makes it hilarious.

- When you go outside, the character model has glitchy black spots.

- The stair case monster thing was kind of sudden and didn't have a sounds effect so it mostly made me go "?" instead of be scared.

- I feel like the "E" should be in white text because when it gets really dark it's difficult to see what you can activate and what you can't.

- The moon doesn't have any glow around it like the candles/lights do, so it just looked like a big white umbrella to me at first. 

- The end was well animated, but I feel like there was no lead up or no back story to make me identify with the plight of the main character.

I'm not sure where the cocoa tree is or where the greenhouse is! I couldn't find either to make the chocolate croissant ;-;

Okay gotcha! Thank you! I'll give it another shot tomorrow. Thanks!

I did try that several times and unfortunately it did not work.

It said "Use the antenna to get the clue from under the bed." I clicked on the antenna after the dialogue popped up "There's something under here but I can't reach it." I also tried dragging the antenna to under the bed. I clicked it a bunch more times. There was no option to use it, just the "Leave" option. I checked the types on inputs on the game page but it just said click and drag. 

I couldn't figure out how to use an item despite a hint. I feel like I'm missing something painfully obvious.

I liked it! Sound design was awesome.

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Short but sweet! I liked it!

This was really well made! I likked the sotry a lot. The jump scares were pefectly times and never tacky. The art style and color pallete are amazing. I liked that there were multiple endings that still made sense to the story. If I had one request, is that we could get some more world bulding! The world seems so cool, with the idea of G2 and G4, what are they like? What are the others like? Is this the future? The present? I'd love to see more set in this world, even if it doesn't follow the same characters/story!

This is so tranquil and nice. I like how each feather tells a story. How do you get the one beside the palm tree in the first screen? I haven't been able to figure that one out. 

This is such a cute game! The design is awesome and the mechanics are super unique. I like having to use people as "tools" to progress. Really great job!

This is so cute!! I just wish there was more. Please let us know if you make more levels or add different pets! :)

Gave an uncaught Java error after I said "Sure" to him asking to come over in Chrome :(

Are you looking for feedback/bug reports? Or was this solely for the jam?

I'm on the second level, playing in Chrome. Shift, Z, and J don't do anything when I push them and I cannot jump high enough to progress the game. Do you recommend a different browser?

I love the style of this game! It feels very polished visually. It was a bit tough to navigate as some have mentioned (clicking repeatedly to walk around but then you accidentally click on an object/person). Once I looked in the comments to see there was a "confront" option, it became a lot easier to finish the game. Basically every time you get a new clue, talk to everyone and talk to them abut the clue plus all of the people. That seemed to work for me. The motive was a little silly, but I can understand as idols their image is truly forefront. And of course it's always the person you least suspect. I'm glad I played the game, I hope there are more stories to come from Goat Detective!

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I'm so sad it's over but I'm so glad I played! I can't wait for part 2. I really loved the art style, and the pace was perfect. The characters were engaging and dynamic. Of course the end was heartbreaking but I hope it gets better in the second part! I also loved that the "love interest" character was androgynous so it would flow well depending on whether you chose a boy or girl as your preference. Overall really well done and tons of game play time!