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We are sorry this happened to you, it's been a process with lots of feedback in order to provide a better experience. Thank you for your passion and time.

The dialog needs some extra polishing. And yes! It is a quote from Jordan B Peterson :)

THere are no bears only Alpaca Pins!

Thank you we'll make sure to take your feedback into account and polish the experience, thank you for your time :)

I see... you have seen the Supah Star~

We will later release the music for everyone to enjoy! :) Thank you for playing

Trust the Supah Star and you will be guided out of that lowly oof :)!

Repent for your miserable deductions lowly human!

Lowly Human! Are you courting Goatman?

Goatman will strike you down with justice and style!

We have noticed that problem with the "Confront" button, thank you for the feedback, we'll be fixing that on the upcoming patch.

We are deeply grateful for taking your time to review our game and also glad to see that it had a good impression on you, and we cannot be thankful enough for the care you took and all the feedback you have given to us. We'll make sure to take it into account to craft a better experience overall.

Thank you for playing the game!  We are glad to see the game has had good reception, the feedback has been amazing and we are learning a lot from all of your recomendations :)

This is a JoJo reference... NANI?

Hello! Thank you for playing our game, we really appreciate  it! We would love to hear what you think of it, and feel free to tell us about any issues you find :) .We are currently working on a fix for Firefox!  We will be launching a patch soon to fix the issue and other changes :).

That would be awesome :)

This game  has a really cute design! It would be better if there were some instructions in the beginning so that it's a lot easier to understand what you should do. It's really cute and fun though! Thanks!

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I really enjoyed this game! Congratulations! The whole design, music, and narrative really gets you fully involved in what's going on. I got the feeling that I was being followed and watched the whole time... so freaking creepy D: Would love to see more content like this! 

This was such a cute game and a nice story, made us laugh! We would've liked to see more expressions and poses from the characters, and maybe more detail in the backgrounds, but overall, it was such a kawaii narrative and characters! We're excited to play more games by you!

This was such a nice game. Though really short. But for its length, we enjoyed the experience, it's beautifully made and has a nice atmosphere with the sounds and music. Would love to see more work from you!