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That would be awesome :)

This game  has a really cute design! It would be better if there were some instructions in the beginning so that it's a lot easier to understand what you should do. It's really cute and fun though! Thanks!

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I really enjoyed this game! Congratulations! The whole design, music, and narrative really gets you fully involved in what's going on. I got the feeling that I was being followed and watched the whole time... so freaking creepy D: Would love to see more content like this! 

This was such a cute game and a nice story, made us laugh! We would've liked to see more expressions and poses from the characters, and maybe more detail in the backgrounds, but overall, it was such a kawaii narrative and characters! We're excited to play more games by you!

This was such a nice game. Though really short. But for its length, we enjoyed the experience, it's beautifully made and has a nice atmosphere with the sounds and music. Would love to see more work from you!