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Thanks for the suggestions! I think I can get these changes in before the release date (this Thursday, 2/28).

1. Good point, and this is an issue I can quickly resolve. When I get home from work today I will change the sound effect.

2. It's not strictly necessary, no, and the difficulty of the change really depends on several factors. Just to be clear, would you prefer that the game automatically transition from one scene to the other without the prompt appearing and asking for the player to press y/n? 

I have the menu prompt right now for two reasons, (A) it will stop the player from accidentally leaving a location, and (B) it displays the name of the location. If A is not an issue, then I can try resolving B by having the name of the location appear and then fade away when Theseus arrives somewhere new. For example, if he goes to the Sanctuary of Asklepios for the first time, I could make it display the title "Sanctuary of Asklepios" for a few seconds at the top of the screen.  

I might just include this in a post-release patch, though; I need to test it and see if it makes for a smoother experience and whether I can make the titles look good and seem unobtrusive.

3. Yes, here's a little secret: those green blobs are one of the few remaining bits of "art" that I made myself. I thought they looked okay so I left them, but I'll try replacing them with something else. If I can't find anything suitable, I'll commission something new and include it in a post-release patch once the artist has time to draw it. I'm pretty confident that I have something appropriate already, though.

On a side note, Ultimate 7 is also one of my favourite RPGs of all time. I would like to mention a very similar RPG: Teudogar and the Alliance with Rome. Imagine an improved Ultima 7 engine with turn based combat, and it's set on the marches of the Roman Empire during the time of Augustus.  the game is no longer available for download as far as I can tell, but people are still discussing it on sites like I myself offered to host it on my Steam store if the developer would like; it's a really, really great game for anyone who enjoyed Ultima 7.

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for me, an automatic transition would be a good idea, because it enhances the feeling of exploration (and not being held by the hand). If a discrete visual indicator (like the green blob or a substitute) for scene changes is there, I don't think people will accidentally leave a location as they can clearly see where it ends. I find it a very good idea to make the name of the location appear on the screen itself and then slowly fade away. It makes the whole experience much more "dynamic" and authentic without a "press y or n"-window in my opinion.

I know and own Teudogar for years! I played both paths and liked the game for what it is but found it extremely short and a bit disappointing, to be honest. Maybe we've already met in the RPGCodex-forums? I regularly visit the thread over there to mourn about the (now obviously lost) Darghul-remake. :)

edit: Just checked. Well, "regularly" is a relative term - I noticed my last visit was back in 2017.  ;)

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Ah, yep, we've probably bumped into each other the codex. I've been there a long time, my username is Agesilaus. A couple of people on the codex have also weighed in on the transition style; I will test a couple of models and then make it an option. It will need to be part of a patch because it will take a little while.  I think you're right, though, it will make things smoother and improve the experience.


congratulations to the release! :) The new "menu-sound" is much better, well done! I like the signposts more than the green blobs. I'm also looking forward to the new transition style. I'll try the game this evening. :)

By the way: Is there a way to contact you per email?

Thanks and have a nice day!

Yep,, or else just log on to the codex and direct message me.