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Your work always surprises me and makes my heart beat. So I bought a megabundle a few hours ago, but within a short period of time, this set was added and the discount time was extended. As a user of East Asia, I am currently worried about the high dollar exchange rate. If this asset is included in the mega bundle and there is no price increase, can I get an access key?

Sure, you bet.  :)  Actually I wanted to get in touch with you about that anyway because the timing was so close on that release.  Is it okay if I send you an email to the address you have on your account?

Thank you so much! You surprise me every time. In the future, I can buy it with confidence even in this case. I will continue to purchase your Asset. You deserve it. Thanks again :D

Thanks so much, we appreciate it!  The key should be on its way to your email.  :)

Thanks for your email. I'm looking forward to the next asset. Have a nice day! XD