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Very much enjoying the game, but I seem to have triggered a bug: I lost the ability to interact with people after the gypsum quest, though I could still interact with buildings.  It made it impossible to progress.

Also, the robot graphic would frequently become misaligned with its actual location, sometimes by more than entire cell.  This seemed to have something to do with drill upgrades and mining long channels.

This happened to me as well. The miner got misaligned by a cell to the right, and I think that misalignment causes the interaction bug too. It was after I got through the bedrock layer, upgraded my chassis to hold 15, and collected 15 gypsum for a quest. I went back up my tunnel from bedrock and when I was back in the previous layer I was visibly in my tunnel, but when I moved up I started mining the block to my left, and when I went right it acted like I was in my tunnel despite visibly being in the wall

I think I might have fixed your issue, though the bug was hard to recreate. Going between underground layers while not snapped onto the grid seemed to result in something similar to what you described and that was easily remedied.