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I really enjoyed the Doctor sprite!  The overall walk cycle worked well and you captured the character well.  Where was the Shift to run documented?  I played through the first game without knowing about it and it was painful to walk so slowly.  I'm not sure why that option is really in there.  Is there ever a need to walk vs run?

I really liked the procedurally generated maze.  Although I think that the overall experience would be better if you generated a much smaller maze, added some additional traps and upped the movement speed of the character.  Some additional environment work and tilesets would have made the experience feel a little more full.

On my last game it somehow generated a maze with only one branch in it  :)  It made the experience pretty easy since there was no need to backtrack and so avoiding the copies was trivial.  Maybe that was just a crazy generation though!  

Overall keep up the good work!