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Hi, would you release a PC Linux version as well ?

Hi Tchey, we don't have a Linux version planned for the moment, but we don't exclude it.

Alright, thanks. I tried the demo via WINE, and it seems to work fine. As it's Unity, it's "almost" as easy as pushing an Export to Linux button. Maybe you can try an unsupported Linux version to start with ?

The demo is quite barebone, but i like the feeling, very much like a turn based Driftland.


Glad you like it!

About an unsupported Linux version, we don't like the idea of releasing something we can't test ourself. At the present time, we still have plenty of things to do, but once the game is more advanced and stable on Windows, we'll try to test a Linux build. One of us is an experienced Linux user, that should work, but we can't promise it will.