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Where did they say they didn't? Are you even 15 brev? Your intelligence went right where your blood went. Coast of fucking nowhere m8. Think before you speak and don't  give others brain damage by your stupidity.


Are you hopelessly retarded, too?  It's wrote out plain as day that they don't.  But being a wax barfing Crayola muncher struggling to figure out which crayon tastes more gooder, I guess you probably missed it.


Two things can simultaneously be true. OP can be both an Android user and still own a PC. They said they're an Android user. All that means is they're trying to download this game on Android.


Exactly funrosa, this fucking guy doesn't understand what he's reading. Boy gets mad cause he's not playing on a system that he wants them to play on. The audacity on some of them is outrageous.


Scroll down and read the fucking post where he said he didn't instead of making yourself look like an ignorant headass with no clue.

I could actually give a shit less what system they are playing on but it's always amusing to see someone go crying when they posted stupid shit and get called on it.


How can they do that when they clearly have already said they do not have a PC.

Problem is, it is probably old as shit and barely runs.


Just going to assume you're writing troll comments at this point and contradicting yourself on purpose

You were both wrong and got called on it.

Time to move on.  Assume whatever you want if it makes you feel better, could care less.

Now I understand why you assumed the OP only was an Android user to make yourself feel better.