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Shauna best girl

This is bizarre because it's gratuitous noncon, but it also tries to judge the player a lot through the "horror" dialogue as if you didn't animate these scenes and write them in the first place? You should probably pick a side of that fence you wanna be on. The ending makes the entire vn hypocritical in its existence, unless I misinterpreted? For a sec I thought this was about to get real and explore some of the psychological ramifications an event like that would have on all of the individuals lives but it's just kind of rape fantasy that also tries to grandstand you for having the same. It would be fine to have those occasional moral conversations in a game that was about the same plotline, if the game didn't have H scenes showing the ENTIRE THING!? It almost feels like you got moments of clarity after working on this where you were aware that it was too exploitative and wrote it into the game while keeping every exploitative aspect. With all that being said I think I enjoyed it because I am no better, the UI was clean too. 7/10

Now I understand why you assumed the OP only was an Android user to make yourself feel better.

Just going to assume you're writing troll comments at this point and contradicting yourself on purpose

Two things can simultaneously be true. OP can be both an Android user and still own a PC. They said they're an Android user. All that means is they're trying to download this game on Android.

Why assume they don't have a PC?