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Sexuality isn't that simple, I used to think I'm straight but after a bunch of years turns out I'm a lesbian.

Sexuality can change.

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It is that simple. If people could in any way change sexuality then back in the days when gay people will persecuted, no one would have ever been gay. Also there is no way I would have been gay. People can have pretty strong ideas about what they think they are. I realised that mine was false the whole time.


You're completely misunderstanding me. I didn't just stop being straight at some point because I decided. I just learned afterwards that I was a lesbian. It was not my choice, it just happened. People can also have pretty strong ideas about what they think, I hope you can learn that yours is false in this too.

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I know many people that have had their sexual orientation their entire lives and I have never heard of anyone's changing. Since there is no proof for either case it seems we have to agree to disagree. - I'm also going to delete the original post soon because i don't want to turn this game page into an argument.


Oh I see. It looks like you were the one misunderstanding me the whole time. My opening statement was how the game made it seem the girl was MADE to change. I was never talking about changing without cause.