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like i said 2 other times: i love this game! but i have two questions:

  1. How did you get that wiggly effects like ich the enemy would like to Punch you and
  2. how did you get that dismemberment? it looks really cool!

not sure what wobbly effect you are talking about? The way they wiggle their hands right before the attack starts is kinda a glitch, extra forces get applied to the limbs during an attack animation and it causes the fists to overshoot their target in the pullback phase.

The dismemberment is based off this Unity script I found: http://www.idlecreations.com/loz/chopScript.cs but with quite a few optimisations and fixes.

Thanks for the love! Hope the game will get even better!

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if this is a glitch, let it in! it Looks freakin awesome!

i know i annoy you with my questions, but where did you learn to script something with unity or better where did you learn to do something with unity i only know the Basics like creating a Player or giving objects physics

I've been making games my whole life, just watch tutorials and put in the time. Practice practice practice!