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Incredible! This is one of my favorites so far and I have little to say for critical feedback. AMAZING artwork to do in one week. Lovely concept that marries love and blindness. We endlessly chase after our heart's desire, unable to see the risks that are created by doing so. Here is an opportunity to help someone overcome those risks. Music was polished. Clarity for some of the obstacles could be improved (e.g. I didn't know that the manhole was uncovered until I fell through). Perhaps putting an exclamation point above the obstacles as they come on screen will help convey that. The tutorial was very cute but could be slowed down a bit or even put into the game rather than as a visual infodump (e.g. teach the player about the tools as they need them -- spray bottle and pillow are not needed for awhile, so gradual introduction would be fine). Tremendous work! Looking forward to seeing more from you.

I'm glad that you liked it, we are looking to improve it after the jam.