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Loved this! The audio could use a little more work, but it is a great mood and fun gameplay. You have the player make the tough decision between slow motion and full vision -- that makes it feel like less of a gimmick and more of a meaningful choice. Very fun! I think that this fits "love is blind" as a separation of words ("love" -- the graphics -- and "blind" -- the mechanics) rather than a unified concept. Maybe there would have been some way to connect the two. The name of the game itself shows how these two ideas are pretty separate: Bullet and Heart smashed together. One idea for how to unify them and keep your vision the same would be to have the player need to stay near someone that they "love" and dodge the bullets as they come. This is fantastic execution and a polished game jam game. Well done!

Thank you for that detailed review! I love to hear that most people seem to like it :)