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"Hapax" was part of the April 1st joke - I assumed it to be a one-off condition coded for that date (all of which was probably removed in a later version of the game so it may not be visible in the code, although I haven't looked), especially considering the definition of "hapax legomenon".

"Women" is plural. If anything, it shouldn't be in the Wordle list.

I have no idea regarding "began", unless it's because it's past tense.

Thank you for the clarifications! So, (assuming I now have the correct Dordle word list) I can adapt a winning strategy that I have developed for Wordle. For Wordle, there are 261 three-word starting sets that allow the player (if s/he is diligent) to guarantee a win by move 5. One of those is BLAST + MIDGE + PORCH .  I can now check that this starting set also works for Dordle, but only by modifying the specifics. So here it is for Dordle:

A player can guarantee a win for Dordle (by the 7th entered word) as follows. Start with BLAST + MIDGE + PORCH. Then, based on the resulting set of colored tiles, in each half of the display, the player should simply enter a Dordle word that is consistent with the clues, with the following exceptions:

1. If, based on the colored tiles in the top 3 rows, the hidden word could be one of the following 35 words, play it next:

allow, assay, awake, awash, awful, crown, dowdy, drone, eater, enjoy, enter, fatty, fever, finer, folly, funky, goner, jawed, kneed, lefty, newly, otter, relax, sally, seize, sever, skate, skier, skulk, snipe, testy, tower, value, viper, wafer

2. If instead the hidden word could be the first element of one of these 20 pairs, play the second word:

[anger, wagon], [catch, clown], [cinch, awful], [crane, anvil], [dizzy, dozen], [fatal, awful], [field, awful], [fifty, flank], [fight, flown], [focal, fever], [forth, awful], [foyer, gawky], [fudge, fauna], [jaunt, jetty], [liner, anvil], [lower, anvil], [major, agony], [snoop, flown], [staff, bonus], [stoke, ankle]

Then, if the word entered does not solve that half of Dordle, then there is a unique Dordle word that will match the clues; enter it and win that half.

Following this recipe in each half of Dordle will take at most 3 + 2 + 2 moves, so the player is guaranteed a win.

(I have phrased these two rules using only words that are common to both Dordle and Wordle, except the unavoidable use of "jawed".)

I don't claim this particular algorithm is optimal in any way; this starting triple "works better" than any of the 260 others for Wordle, but I didn't look to see what other starting triples even exist for Dordle, to say nothing of which is best.


Interesting. This is very much a mathematician's way of winning, however, whereas for a linguistically inclined person the method - and joy - of winning is very much about challenging one's vocabulary and being able to access the right word in one's brain at the right moment by being triggered by letter patterns and one's knowledge of letter frequencies.

Each is a valid method - whatever brings a player the biggest sense of satisfaction!