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FYI, the phone android version has a bug (public version). When you want to go to sleep in order to end the first day nothing happens and it remains night. The next day doesn't start. Previous versions of the game always worked fine on my device.


Thanks for the report, I listed right above the download links that it was buggy after I heard of the bug. The bug has been fixed :)

Did you fix the Android version or PC version because I'm having that problem on PC

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Thank you for looking into it, however now I'm unable to install the (fixed) android version at all. I don't know what has been fixed, but it only seems worse. I've  uninstalled the broken version beforehand (as I do every time, otherwise the new version won't install, which is a known problem with all the android versions that came before it), and yet it will still not install, it runs but stops just before the end and gives the message that the app is not installed.

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Okay, I was finally able to install the apk file (I had to restart my mobile device, which may have cleaned some cache files or not), however this version still has the same bug. Sleeping does not forward you to the next morning, so you keep getting stuck on the first day and thus can't progress.