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Loved every minute of it! XD Can't wait for future releases! Loved the funny easter eggs, cameos and memes. This game made me laugh on multiple occasions (and somehow it still remains sexy as hell). Loved the contrast and lighting within the game (top notch stuff).

Keep up the good work!

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Interesting little text adventure, loved the different options (gender, sexual orientations, taking a dominant or passive role, partner choices). Good writing, lovely music... Nicely done.

Great game. I enjoyed it! Looking forward to future updates :)

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I guess you use the same word for it, or something simular as the dutch version. Probably means the same thing as well... Although I wouldn't recommend calling a lady this.

I see what you did there :) .  I take it you guys are either dutch or belgian?

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Now that I've played the game a bit more, I must say that some of the events got me off guard at times (weird quirky and funny dialogs, followed by sudden left field WTF events like domestic violence). D:

The mother storyline is all over the place and feels disjointed. She has some serious issues...

This game has some really childish humor at one time (d*ck doodles on a whiteboard) followed by heavy subject matters the next (talking about not doing drugs, and domestic violence).

Personally I think the creator should have sticked to one type or the other, now it's a mixed bag. It's like the game doesn't know what it wants to be. Sticking to either one of these in my opinion would have improved the game.

My favorite character is the dog in the park by the way . He puts a smile on my face each and everytime :). I named him Samson (dutch and belgian people will get the joke).

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Yeah, I can understand if this version was on Patreon. Either they singled you out as an example (which is a bummer) or other developers with simular themes are ignored (or choose to ignore Patreon at their own risk). The ones that get by (from what I can tell) also use a personal non Patreon webpage for (uncensored) downloads, while promoting "vanila" versions or no downloads options on their Patreon pages. Of course I haven't looked into the loopholes myself or if they would work. It's just an observation.

Either way, thanks for the response. I did look for a solution a couple of weeks ago (when this version was released to the public for the first time) but had no luck then. Although I am a bit wary about downloading fixes from 3rd parties that are not affiliated or approved of by the original game developers.

That will be a nope (no customizing his rims, sorry). 

Concerning the M/M, maybe? I'm not sure, I haven't played the game long enough or tried all the choices. Considering you can raise affection with almost all of the in game characters (male and female) I suspect you can get some gay action somewhere along the road (but don't know if that's a thing now or will be in future versions). Currently it seems it's mostly mother/sister incest, M/F and F/F as I have seen ingame.

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You should try Summertime Saga then (if you haven't) as this game was clearly inspired by it.  I think you would probably like that one as well. Simular game (created with renpy) with decent production values and original artwork and animations (and it's free!).

Just google the title and you'll find it right away. Personally I prefer Summertime Saga  over this (it has better artwork, written characters and storylines), but I can understand the quirky appeal of A Town Uncovered.

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Summertime Saga on crack! Good God! Absolutely bonkers! Made me think of southpark in some ways due to all the over the top weirdness of the characters and the way they speak and interact.

Art style is kinda hit and miss for me. At times it looks actually pretty nice,  at other moments it looks like an ugly early 2000 flash game (akwardly animated sex scenes)... Wish the quality was a bit more consistent.

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The censorship of the (ahum) inhabitants descriptions and their relation to the protagonist is really distracting and awful, lowering the fun-factor greatly (Landlord/lady, roommates... really?) Make them your adopted/stepfamily or something. Much better sollution than what it is now . I hope there is a way to correct this easily in the future, so this game can be played as it's meant to be played.

Easy sollution? Create a webpage where you can download an uncensored version/patch (which is independent from the Patreon page) as many other developers currently seem to do. Seems to work for them, so why not for this game?

Just to be clear, I'm not dissing the game (which is good for the most part), I just hate all forms of censorship (good or bad).


Okay, I admit,  the screenshots made me LOL. This is certainly a niche fetish. To bad I'm not a Macrophile :)

I'll go and check. Thanks! :)

Aha! Would love to try that one as well :-). Where could I find that version? Any changes in that one, like new stuff and events?

Yeah, it was actually a "let's play" of someone. Didn't show any of the naughty bits though. :)

Saw a YouTube clip once of this and thought, well that's adorably lewd.

Downloaded it when I saw it here and yep, it's really adorably lewd.

Love it! Good job.

THIS! Thank you so much for THIS! :D

When I was snooping around for the first time I almost jumped out of my chair with gleeful joy when I recognized the artstyle of the flying harpy.

I've been a fan of Majalis' work and smut for many years, and this roquelike game hits all the right kinks and fetishes I like! Keep it up, in MORE ways than one ;-)

I liked "Sisters Secret" which was a enjoyable little game and am looking forward to this one.

The setting is promising and I like the main character (he is so over the top wrong in all the right ways). Reminds me a lot of those old Sierra point'n'click adventures (especially the naughty ones) ;-) 

I'll be keeping an eye out to this one.

Great game! I really like it. The characters designs are great (pizza girl is my favorite, she's cute).

Does need better English grammar though. I'm not a native English speaker, but it made even me cringe on more than one occasion.

Enjoyed this. Simple but with a lot more events than I thought. I liked the jobs and sandbox elements.

Good job.

I must say that this was a bit disappointing (I had my doubts, but gave it a try anyway). This is more of a early demo, and a really short one at that (we are talking about a couple of minutes). Not worth the $5,- as it is.

I like the setting and ideas for the game, it looks promising. 

The current focus should probably be on fleshing out the father/daughter element and the interactions you can have with Ellie, and slowly expand from there, adding new tidbits like survival (gathering materials and food/hunting). 

Anyway, keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to future updates.