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After the latest update I was finally able to finish the game. Balance seems a lot better, only wish there was a bit more at the end. The reward for finishing 4 nights was a bit underwhelming to me at least. You should also add a climax button.

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That's probably because on the right is the MC who you play, and he will remain faceless throughout the whole game. Furthermore I've seen artwork of faces that were much much worse in other games. It's all due to personal preference ofcourse (because I like the faces), but these are on a professional level (there is no doubt on that). The artist knows his/her stuff.

The only gripe I have is the Patreon censorship stuff.

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Looks promissing and the artwork looks very good.

Soooo... will we be able to play the game without the Patreon Edits made at some point?

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Remove the old version of the game from your phone and do a clean install with the new version (you will lose all your savefiles though, unless you back them up). I have this wellknown  issue with almost all apk builds of renpy games, update app does not work. A clean install will most of the time resolve it, unless you have no more storage space.

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I just finished the game on android, didn't have any problems. You outdid yourself on this one. Your previous game was amazing, but this is on whole other level. You put most VN's to shame. This is some incredible highlevel writing here. I love all the characters, good job!

PS, thanks for scaring me shitless. Never thought there would be so many horror like situations in this one, I like that!

Clones, ehh? Well it's something different from the usual  landlady's and roomates... Talk about bending backwards XD

XD Yup, Science Fiction.

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The story reminds a lot of the old SF movie "Enemy Mine", which in turn was based on a novel, about two fighter pilots, a human and an alien, who crashland on a inhospitable alien planet after a dogfight. The only difference was that the alien was a reptile like being and they became friends instead of lovers. The alien did give birth by self-fertilization and died shortly thereafter so the human pilot had to raise his child as his own. Go check it out, it's a pretty good movie.

Having said that, I like this story as well and the catboy is very cute. Can't wait to see more.

I like the story and characters, but the difference in style between the MC and the girls is a bit jarring at times. He's realistic while they are more cartoony. Personally I think it would be better to go for one style for all characters. Makes it more cohesive so to say. Most of them also have a uncanny stare that makes me think no one is home, but that's probably due to the limitations of the 3D engine/models. But still, thumbs up.

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There's a boob patch now???  XD

Edit: Okay, I have to agree with Japanese Catgirl Lover here. The patched game doesn't make any sense as it is clear that the characters aren't supposed to be that smoll. I would suggest others to stick with the big bewb version as the canon version as that makes much more sense storywise and the other as an "alternate" version XD

Personally I would drop the "patched" version before Patreon gets wind of it. They don't have much tollerance with that kind of content, even when provided on other websites. Unless of course the developer states they have no "official" connections with said patch (wink wink).

But it's your game, so I have no say over what you want to provide the people with and it's not up to me in the end. Just wanted to share my thoughts... do what you want, I'm fine either way XD

I can wait :)

I noticed. I hope we will be able to purchase a "nag-free" version once the game is completed.

Love the worldbuilding. 

Question: in the lower corner It's mentioned "click here for the latest uncensored update".

Does this mean that this version is censored? If so in what way and what are the differences between this version and the uncensored version?

And will we get an uncensored version available for purchase on Itchio at a later date?

And the game itself? Just wondering.

I do like the "woman" who is in charge of the MC a lot more than the one from EYF.  She seems a lot nicer and has a nice "bonus feature", haha!

Can't wait for new updates and seeing the story evolve. I would love to hear more (lewd) ingame sound effects and/or music. The main menu is currently the only spot with music.

Reminds me a lot of "Earn Your Freedom", which is not a bad thing. I'll keep this one on my radar as I like what I see. 

I see you've changed the faces?

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You made another good one here (loved After the Inferno as well). The humor is on point, and I'll definitely be following this one closely. Keep up the good work!

What I want to know is how is he going to eat that pizza with his mouth covered like that? XD

If this was your first, I can't wait to try the others. I believe there are free to use soundeffects and music you can add without having to fear copyright claims. A quick google search can help you on your way, and I think there are probably people on this website who can also point you in the right direction.

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This is one of the most unique and quirky adult game I've come across and I love it. This game would really benefit from sound effects (like eary sounds and growls for the forest) and some creepy/moody horror music. It would add to the experience. 

Now I want to try out more of your games, but first I'll finish this one. Good job!

Never liked that scene as it felt out of place. Removing or changing it might be better storywise.

Good game, great characters! Feels both wholesome and sexy. Can't wait to see more of this and the other family so we can do more bonding ;)

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Installed the game once, didn't like how it started and uninstalled. Heard many people saying positive things about this game, downloaded and tried again pushing past the intro. I'm glad I did. This game is really good and at times wholesome. I fell in love with Emma. It's great seeing her grow as a person! Keep up the good work!

Only feel a bit for the real Sebastian if i'm honest. Even if he was a dick, the MC did steal his life from him. But that's my only complaint (and can look past that).

Just ignore it and force install. The game will work just fine.

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Meaning this game is altered due to Patreon guidelines and their hatred for core "family values". The ingame lingo used for character relationships blatantly reflects that. The developer must deny this ofcourse (due to Patreon guidelines), but we men and women of culture know how the lingo works. Yesterday was "landlady/caretaker" day, if you know what I mean. Me and my "friend/roommate" went to visit her to show our apriciation for taking care of us. Are you getting the lingo and how it works? Feel free to deny it or say you don't understand, we all do (as we must). That's how the lingo works. So... an (un)official "family friendly" patch not made or supported by developer is the way to play the game as intended.

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Caretaker and friends, huh? Guess I'll be looking for an (un)official patch then.

I like it! Can't wait for the future chapters. Keep up the good work! XD

And I'll take everything you got and then some! ..........Wait... that sound kinda weird... XD

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Since I can't vote in the poll on Patreon, I'll give you feedback this way. Write it the way you want. Personally I don't mind it but then again I'm not Irish. The question is; how many Irish people are vocal and care about this? A small percentage? Some of them? The majority? All of them? If you had a "stereotype" from my country in the game I would just chuckle and shrug, but that's just who I am as a person. Just be careful with bending the knee and when. That's a slipery slope and not always justified in some instances.

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It's your own game. If you like what you've created that's all you really need.  If people enjoy your creation/story that's great. Opinions are always subjective.  And I never said it was bad... see my sentence "for a first try it's not bad".  It's nowhere an awful game, not even close. It's flawed, sure, but you are learning and growing as a creator and writer and will improve (as it does in this project). You have passion for your work, based on your reaction, and that's good. Some storybeats I liked, like Morgana's, but they always felt too rushed or too short, making me wish there were more of those quiet personal moments.

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Oof, the game's story goes at break neck speed and the MC is one of the biggest Gary Stue's I've seen in a VN to date. There is some sort of  mystery/threat going on in the background, but the MC has no troubles or challenge with any of it. Makes the story kinda uninteresting and boring if there is no real danger, which the characters even mention themselves within the game. "Oh, don't worry. They aren't in any danger because of reason XY" is literaly what they say whenever something happens. I know it's probably meant as a power fantasy kind of thing, but other games/stories have done this much better. The girls just look at the MC and fall for him almost instantly (with very minor buildup). Other than that it's not bad for a first try, but I would suggest to not go all Gary Stue in future projects. Make the MC flawed, make them overcome threats and challenges that push them past their limits. Make them also loose, so they can pick themselves up etc, making the payoff better.

Triple S? Triple X perhaps (haha). Have I been playing the same game? XD Oh, well, different strokes and such. I gave it a try and uninstalled it after 20 minutes because I didn't like the main character, storytelling and forced and same old plot (and other VN have done it better). The characters are easy on they eyes, true, but that is all for me. But, hey, if you like it, good for you. Also no disrespect for the creator, I guess this one is just not for me.

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At first I thought that it was going to be a Harem Hotel clone (going by the description). I still gave it try, and I'm glad I did. Lovely and fun VN game. I have two suggestions/improvements for now:

1. Add the Renpy button prompts underneath the text box (like, load/save/skip etc.). Some people (me inlcuded) don't know all the shortcut keyboard prompts for these. This will make it more user friendly.

2. When viewing the stats for the girls give us a "Return to stat menu" option or "Next/Previous girl". Return just takes you back into the game, which is anoying if you want to check all the stats for the girls as you have to move back and forth for each girl. This will make it easier and more user friendly.

Keep up the good work. I will be following this game.

I've laughed my ass off in this game! Good stuff. It reminds me a lot of "Once in a Lifetime". This is definitely one of my favorites. Keep up the good work!