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This game was fun to play. I liked the variety of upgrades and the inclusion of a jetpack upgrade. The obstacles add to the gameplay, as well. One of the problems I had was that the background and ground made it really hard to tell how much I was moving. The arrow keys also didn't seem to do anything, but it was hard to tell. Something small, but showing your total score in the upgrade shop would be useful. I also ran into a bug where, if I was going too fast, even if I went through the money, I didn't collect it.

The upgrade shop (and the upgrades themselves) were confusing. To start off, I had no clue what most of the upgrades did, so a description for each one would help. The upgrades themselves didn't seem to do much. I bought all of the first upgrades (excluding jetpack) and was getting a score of 30 each round. After buying all of the second upgrades, my score only increased to 50 each round. Progression was extremely slow until I was able to get the jetpack. The magnets also seemed useless. They very slowly attract the items, so I was either going too fast and I passed them before they got to me, or I was going slow and they didn't get to me before the round ended. 


Thank you for your very kind review. 

We will take these ideas into our future games and this response has been very helpful.