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Really enjoyed the game, short yet sweet.

It was so fun to play through that I even decided to speedrun it. It's very fun to find methods to get past the enemies (especially the slimes) while not dying and see so many spots where the enemies are timed perfectly for you to get past them.

Below is a piece of art I decided to do of that lovely bird we meet at the beginning of the game.

I wish you luck in any other games you make.

Owww.... I really like that drawing, it's beautiful :)

I watched the speedrun and it's really impressive you complete it so fast. My brother actually tried to speedrun it and did like 4 minutes and didn't even save the birds lol.  The enemies aren't really positioned to be able to move fast though, I guess it's just coincidence

Anyway, I'm happy to see you liked the game. we put a lot of care into it and it's awesome to see someone enjoyed it. Thanks for playing!