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Ok. I think variation in the room layout can be interesting, and maybe if the player or the enemies affected those terrain elements that could be interesting too. Hopefully I'll be trying all this soon.

Maybe in the future...

Oh ok. Thanks as always for your comments. I agree the game will need some kind of long term choice path affecting your abilities or your weapons, and that could be done in many ways. However, I think weapons should be kept rather simple, since I suspect the most interesting part will be the turrets and building/repairing stuff, so emphasis on weapons would take away from that. I think bosses without turrets would be very fun, and again I should figure out the best way to integrate that with the core gameplay.

Can you explain what you mean when you say that you'd "do more to level design"?  Like more complex room layout? I also agree I could benefit from looking at similar games. Did you have any specific ones in mind? I did play COD zombies, but don't know many more in the "survival shooter" genre.

To clarify, I haven't modified the game yet. I just updated the exe to fix little bugs.

Currently, leaving walls open doesn't give you more money, because the number of enemies is fixed per round, but changing that is one of the ideas I have to make the game more strategic.

The problem with making turrets stronger is that they accumulate, so quickly your attacks would be meaningless relative to the sum of all your turrets'. A possible solution would be making turrets breakable (with a health bar, but repairable), so then the game would become more about channelling the enemies away from the turrets and managing your time and holes to ensure you don't get overpowered. For example, there would be a manequin "turret" that attracts monsters, and turrets that apply typical buffs to monsters (slow down, poison, etc.). Since time to build would become so important, there would be ways to buy more time, and maybe buffs or special attacks that stop time in the middle of a round...

thanks bro :)

Owww.... I really like that drawing, it's beautiful :)

I watched the speedrun and it's really impressive you complete it so fast. My brother actually tried to speedrun it and did like 4 minutes and didn't even save the birds lol.  The enemies aren't really positioned to be able to move fast though, I guess it's just coincidence

Anyway, I'm happy to see you liked the game. we put a lot of care into it and it's awesome to see someone enjoyed it. Thanks for playing!

Oh, it's ok, thanks for playing, I enjoyed watching your gameplay. Thanks for the honest, concrete feedback, I always appreciate it. I made a quick patch fixing the landing sound, and I added a whoosh sound for the sword and a sword hit sound. Also added sounds to the boss's attacks so now the tentacles are more obvious. 

Awww thanks a lot! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed playing my games,  and the art is pretty cool ;)

Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for playing! I put credits in the description now. I might check your game if I find the time ;)

Thanks a lot WatDowTal!! The concrete feedback really helps :)

When all enemies of a wave have spawned, you have limited time before the build/buy time, so you have to kill em fast! thanks for playing!

Hahah thanks!! I dont really think I'll work on it more... but who knows...  and well, the music was kinda loud and noisy, cause I didnt know what I was doing back then.... but it might help with the aggressive, machine feel of the game. Glad to hear you played it and liked it

Yeah that's a way to do it, adding mechanics. Many other games, though, rely on limited mechanics like the game stephen's sausage roll, for example, which is pretty long but has simple mechanics and doesnt introduce any new in the whole game. Yet it remains challenging. I was aiming for something more like that. I understand it can come across as boring or repetitive, though.

what do you mean weak? Even if it's my first game I think I did a good job with the level design. I made sure each level was slightly harder than the previous and I explored a wide range of design ideas and level structures, even with such limited and simple mechanics and doing. all levels are in an equally sized room and all blocks are the same size and in a grid. I agree that is simple, even cheap. But I think I did pretty much every thing I could do with that structure. I mean, you can say it's bad graphics, or bad game feel, or bad story, but I think the level design is OK. Anyways sorry if I sound butthurt, I'm not, I was just surprised. I'd appreciate if you could expand on what you think is bad of the level design.

hey again :) I do use macros now for constant values, but I believe I used them back then too for things like grid_width, etc. But in the example you gave I wouldn't have used macros for that. if the aim_look_ahead variable was supposed to change or be able to change, I really wouldnt make it a macro, same way you dont use a macro for default_player_move_speed uknow, cause it's just used in one object. macros are practical for things that will be used in more than one object like the view size if its not ajustable, the grid size as i said... if you have a value that wont change but is just used by an object, you should just have it as an instance variable. Now in GM 2 there are variable declarations outside the create event, which make it easy to change these kinda values without searching inside code.

Yeah, you need to unlock the new turrets. I uploaded the source code in the game page, you can check it out. You'll probably find some bad coding, but this is over 1 year old and I learnt a lot since then. What do you mean the turret mechanics are more fleshed out than the dodging/shooting? I think you mean that the game has too much emphasis on the turrets but there arent any shooting powerups. That's true but it was intended. If you could powerup yourself, making a nice turret combination wouldnt feel as powerful. 

I agree it needs balance and some tweaking. I don't think I'll get back to it cause I'm working on newer, better, projects. Each game is gona be better thant he previous one. I'd rather do this than keep polishing the same game over and over again. I thought about the mouse controls but the mechanics would change since the mouse has 360 degrees while with the keys you were limited to 8 directions. I could've fixed it to just those 8 directions but it might have been kinda uncomfortable to play.

Thanks for the feedback! I didnt wana make a description of each hat so the player has to guess and experiment to discover what they do. The bear body is kinda weak, especially against the boss. I know. The thing is, if you dont fix any wholes, you'll have enemies coming in faster and from all directions. If you fix all the holes, say, in the right, you have a more controlled enemy stream.

Glad you liked the game! :)

Thanks for the idea! The player is supposed to combine the shooting knockback and the walking to move, but I'll try and tweak the variable a bit ;)