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I agree it needs balance and some tweaking. I don't think I'll get back to it cause I'm working on newer, better, projects. Each game is gona be better thant he previous one. I'd rather do this than keep polishing the same game over and over again. I thought about the mouse controls but the mechanics would change since the mouse has 360 degrees while with the keys you were limited to 8 directions. I could've fixed it to just those 8 directions but it might have been kinda uncomfortable to play.

Thanks for the feedback! I didnt wana make a description of each hat so the player has to guess and experiment to discover what they do. The bear body is kinda weak, especially against the boss. I know. The thing is, if you dont fix any wholes, you'll have enemies coming in faster and from all directions. If you fix all the holes, say, in the right, you have a more controlled enemy stream.

Glad you liked the game! :)