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While I can't say I've played the types of games like "Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy" where one mistake can send you back minutes of playtime, I have had experience with the challenging platformer Celeste so I was slightly prepared coming into this game. As Fupi mentioned, the controls were strange at first and took a while to get used to (One of my main problems came from trying to move in the opposite direction after a wall jump which lead to a dash instead). Trying to reach for the secret conversations was a fun challenge to try and see where I needed to be to access them. Probably some of my favorite moments was the puzzles like the final wall jump back-and-forth with trying to recover my jumps and dashes without plummeting to who knows where, because it required me to master these dash and jump tricks that has messed with me for a long time.

For a first game, this was an excellent game. Would I ever play these types of rage inducing games again? Possibly, but only in rare occurence. Thanks for this venture into this style of games.

Sidenote: one thing I did notice was near the very end of the game, a bit of a soft-lock happened. Seems I was partially stuck in the no movement wall so I couldn't get out of my predicament by moving to the right (Who knows, maybe that should be left in just to mess with people).

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Fun game, reminds me a little of the Mario and Luigi series with the ability to dodge all attacks during combat. Dialogue was fun to read, battles were fun to learn the signals of what they would do (Final boss took a couple tries before getting the hang of the dodge timing. tick, tick, tick), and finding all the items was a fun experience.

While the game was short, the time I spent playing was enjoyable.

Haven't really tried doing a speedrun of an RPG before, but this was a fun one to do.

In the end, Artistic Liberties will be used.

Yep, the problems have been fixed. Thanks

Howdy Crepecroop,

This is a very fun game you've created. The gameplay is fun, I had a great time exploring the world looking for secrets, and the final boss was a fun fight both at the beginning of the game and after clearing both dungeons.

I haven't done much speedrunning of this game yet, but it has been enjoyable to see how fast I can beat the final boss when skipping everything else.

I wish you luck with any other games you might make in the future.

A few things of note:
1. For some unknown reason, the game always goes fullscreen whenever I enter a dungeon.
2. When speedrunning, it would be nice to easily start from the beginning from the main menu instead of refreshing the page.


Really enjoyed the game, short yet sweet.

It was so fun to play through that I even decided to speedrun it. It's very fun to find methods to get past the enemies (especially the slimes) while not dying and see so many spots where the enemies are timed perfectly for you to get past them.

Below is a piece of art I decided to do of that lovely bird we meet at the beginning of the game.

I wish you luck in any other games you make.