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Lol! Btw is there another clash game I can play for free? I tried the zone one and it was a great short story. There was another game but it was NSFW so I couldn't play it. But anyways great games and even greater stories!!

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The original edition of Clash: Robot Detective can still be downloaded, its on the page for that game under the Download Demo section.  If you haven't downloaded that one already, I'd highly recommend it!

There's also Kalzrak & Clash, which was kind of a teaser I wrote for Clash: Robot Detective when that one was still in development.  But Kalzrak & Clash is not very good.  And no longer canon.  But still, its something.

*EDIT* Oh I almost forgot, if we are bringing non-canon games into the mix, the two Legends of Tzonac games have Clash in them and are free for the rest of this weekend (after which they'll be priced).  They have, like, several characters' worth of lore behind them which might make them a little confusing to follow, but Clash is in them and that's the important part.


Wow thanks :D I will check them out!!