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Rainbow World has been completed!
It consist of a single level with a randomized color layout and a "star boss" to defeat. 


Excellent! I know you've been plugging away at getting this game fully complete for at least a couple years now, congratulations on managing to stick with it that long and seeing it through to the end!


Will the completed game be available on Itch or will we have to purchase it on Steam?

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Hello eelskin!

The completed game is currently on itch. 

I just double checked and verified the latest windows version.  I made sure of this by deleting the game files and reinstalling the game from the itch windows app. After install was finished I opened up the game and saw the latest version number 1.0.4 was running and the Rainbow world is included. This should be the full completed version of the game.

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!!! Thanks!

I saw in the development log that the most recent update was  the inclusion of purple world, and I thought that meant the game hadn't been updated since then.

Downloading it now, and congratulations!

That's true... I never did a devlog for the final release. I have time now though, so maybe I'll write one up finally. :D
Thanks for playing the game! I'm glad you've enjoyed it and come back for the updates!