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Hi there!

You sent me a link to your game a few days ago, and I'm sorry it took me a while to play it (and that when I did, I screwed up my mic a little, making the voice quality not too great, but I'd rather not re-record my blind reactions), and I actually had a fair bit of fun with it... despite what my pathetic display and mild gripes with the boss might imply.

I adore the spritework and the world itself, first and foremost. It's a pretty looking world with adorable visuals, and the little title character manages to convey both that and a bit of genuine badassery. And being able to attack in four directions is an absolute godsend. Music's good too, though I feel the sound effects need some polish, as especially the landing sound got a bit grating after a while.

And the boss, while for the most part fair, fun to fight and looking cool, does have some minor issues with a huge hitbox and one of his moves (the rising pillars) needing a slight bit more of a tell, or at least polished graphics of them sprouting. 

But really, that's all the nitpicks I can come up with. This game is adorable, and I wouldn't mind seeing it expanded sometime - though it's cool as a quick little adventure of its own.


Oh, it's ok, thanks for playing, I enjoyed watching your gameplay. Thanks for the honest, concrete feedback, I always appreciate it. I made a quick patch fixing the landing sound, and I added a whoosh sound for the sword and a sword hit sound. Also added sounds to the boss's attacks so now the tentacles are more obvious.