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Ok, this game is amazing, wow, good job!

Spent in it around 2 and a half hours so far, finished with... emm... unexpectedly high %, but still sure i didn't do everything i could've done. Left few small places unexplored. Highly recommend.

*spoilers below, idk how to do that fancy blue on blue text :p*





Ok, i think i found new bug, since i didn't see anyone here mention it. If you jump on top of a top Kaakana in 3.5, and activate scan, you can phase through walls while getting carried away. Pretty neat, didn't have to learn a double jump (never was able to do that either). Easy way out of bounds. 

I decided to try the game out, because i remembered Beyond Good & Evil, photographing some monsters and fantastical creatures, and loved the idea. But the out of bounds, meta jokes, easter eggs and, well, so much more content than expected, it's just amazing. Hope the full version will be as full of surprises.

Keep up the good work, borb ;)

Thanks for the commentary! You bet there will be TONS of surprises to be found...!

The phase-thru-walls thing, although originally a bug, is an intended feature at this point :D 

(PS. You can do the fancy blue text by setting Format to Heading 1.)