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Hi! Glad you like it. Let me know if you try it out. I’d like to hear how it goes!

Yes, I have been playing that you can immediately spend XP as soon as it is earned. But you can still only ever spend XP to turn a die into a six for the purposes for advancement. So the only time you should be able to spend XP directly on the failed roll you gained it for would be for Do Anything 1. (Or some other 1 die skill.)

I hope I explained that well. Let me know if it doesn’t make sense.

Makes sense to me. Thanks!


I finally played the game with a group today. We used the Mörk Borg dungeon Blood of SHE. The PCs diverged in some crazy directions. 

One had been Officer of Punishment at a king's court, where he had also learned the skills Con Man 2 and Strike Down 3. We also had an alchemist 2 who brewed transmutation potions 3, and a former Carpenter 2 who also knew Advantageous Cursing 2 and Spread Bad Vibes 2.

I regularly asked them how they had acquired their new skills, had they had a teacher etc. That worked pretty well. We definitely had a lot of fun with Shoes in the Dark.


Amazing! I love to hear it.

Thanks for sharing!