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You may be in a cult and don’t even know it!

Love the new callings in v0.8

I’ve been watching this project closely. Is is so lovely!

this is gorgeous <3

this game is so good, i’m going to play it 11 or 8 more times

Yes, you are right! Risky actions are inherently stressful, and so you always start with the stress die.

This was a rule change included in the v1.5 update:

I am so excited this game is finally here! IT’S ALIVE!

This is great! Are you planning to add the Person/Place/Thing tables back to the PDF?

This is an amazing compendium and reference, as well as a super game in its own right.

I love so much about this! Can’t wait to see what it might grow into :)

Big update! Thanks for sharing.

I shared my thoughts about it on a “Stuff I Been Reading” post:

I like the way you draw your pointcrawls :)

Rad, thanks so much for the reply!!

Also, sorry, one more question.

How does monster combat work?

For example, say a monster has Ferocity 55. If they roll under that, do they automatically do damage? Or can the Player roll under combat to avoid damage?

Or for Horror, does the monster succeeding on their role automatically mean success, or can the player roll Brain or something to resist it?

Hello, thanks for making an awesome game :)

I have questions about Low Magic.

  1. If the player chooses MOXIE as their magic stat, then do they would roll moxie as usual to cast a spell?

  2. What is the GM secretly rolling against? What is the 15% threshold of? Or does the GM roll to establish the target, and the player has to roll 15% of that?

  3. What is the player’s starting pool of MAGIC POINTS from?

They were a little taken aback! There was a lot of “are we the baddies?” gut checking going on at the table.

Super fun!


super cool. I love dreamscape stuff like this 👍

You’re cool!!


Thanks for making such a neat little game! Played through it super quick. Only died once!

Awesome! This is fun. I got to wear a cowhat.


🐌 🌽🌻