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i love this game so much ! i think the atmosphere was set really well , and it did a good job of providing just enough information to be interesting while still withholding enough to keep that feeling of being in a space that is, by intention, unknowable. honestly, the only complaint i have is the walking speed- i know it's likely to set atmosphere, but i feel it was slow enough to take me out of the game a bit (especially since in the last segment, it SEVERELY lagged) - i know it can be hard to balance an atmospherically slow walking speed with one that's slow enough to be irritating, but for me at least, the game fell into the latter camp. definitely not enough to ruin the game for me though, i overall loved it! (i also adore the menu music)


Hey, thank you for taking the time to play and give your kind words! I wasn't expecting that today that really made my day. This was a small game jam game that I wanted to do a lot more for. The lagging issue is something I'm working on getting better at. I think I just need to get better at level streaming and LOD's and whatnot. Currently I'm working on getting all my skills better and more concrete for a few more full length games coming up so your feedback helps me a lot. The walking speed thing, you're absolutely right lol. I definitely slowed the walking speed down a bit to try and artificially lengthen the game since it was so small. Rest assured most of my future games will have a much more comfortable walking speed and hopefully a lot less lag. Thank you again for your kind words!