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this game was super cool - i love the artstyle and general vibe, and the sound design is fantastic. i'm definitely looking forward to the full game when it comes out! i'm especially interested to see where the story is heading - the worldbuilding introduced so far is really interesting, and i'm excited to learn more >:3

 the only complaint i have has to be the controls - i spent most of the game staring at the map instead of the beautiful environmental design because it was so awkward trying to keep one finger on the e key and two on z + c that i just gave up on strafing, and constantly turning around made it pretty easy to end up hopelessly... well, turned around. i feel like it might've felt a bit more natural if a and d could be used for strafing and the arrow keys for changing where you're looking.

no unfortunately , i just didn't end up playing the game :( pretty depressing , it looks really interesting otherwise

i love this game so much ! i think the atmosphere was set really well , and it did a good job of providing just enough information to be interesting while still withholding enough to keep that feeling of being in a space that is, by intention, unknowable. honestly, the only complaint i have is the walking speed- i know it's likely to set atmosphere, but i feel it was slow enough to take me out of the game a bit (especially since in the last segment, it SEVERELY lagged) - i know it can be hard to balance an atmospherically slow walking speed with one that's slow enough to be irritating, but for me at least, the game fell into the latter camp. definitely not enough to ruin the game for me though, i overall loved it! (i also adore the menu music)

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the game seems really interesting, however i ended up softlocked somehow- in the segment where howard tells you firemore is cursed and the door to room 5 is locked, the sequence that's supposed to trigger just... didn't despite me wandering around for a good 10 minutes. alongside that, the mouse sensitivity + intense vhs effect combo was honestly a bit nausea-inducing - any ability to adjust it would've been nice, as it also lagged my game pretty badly and cause the field of view to regularly glitch.

Hi! I really want to check this game out because I love the vibes of it, but I can't get it to run properly because it's not sized correctly for my screen (all the menu options text gets cut off at the edges) and it runs incredibly slowly on my computer :( Is there any way to turn down the graphics quality a bit / resize the screen?

this was SO fun to play . i especially want to compliment the platforming - it felt so funky and weird in the best way , and the only real punishment for failing is at worst not getting some fruit / cheese ; as someone with motor control issues , i was worried it'd be too frustrating , but it was honestly just too weird feeling to really make me angry ( if that makes any sense lol ) . definitely going to check out your other works , and super pumped for the remake ( if you're still planning that ) !!

Is there any way to adjust the mouse sensitivity? I tried booting it up and it's insanely hard to play because of it. The quit button also seems to be broken (as when the Confirm Yes/No prompt pops up, hitting either button does nothing.)

This game is fantastic, but I wish there was a way to adjust the text speed / skip text - the slow text speed makes replays pretty hard to slog through, the intro takes up the majority of gameplay.

This game seems incredibly cool, and what I was able to play was gorgeous! However, as isinglass said in their review, it's also incredibly frustrating- and, as a disabled gamer, functionally unplayable due to the frustrating features isinglass described. I've been unable to get past the first few minutes of the game, notably due to needing to restart the entire tedious morning section after every death and the precise reaction time needed.

Overall, an incredible-seeming game, but also an incredibly inaccessible one. I'll likely look up a playthrough, though it's sad I'm unable to play it myself.

I'm unable to play- whenever I try to launch it, I get an entry point not found error (it can't find "CreateDXGIFactory2" in the "dynamic link library dxgi.dll")- does anyone else have this issue/know how to fix it?

this is such a good game holy shit ! i love horror games in this style and i love kat - i'm definitely interested in the full game when it ( hopefully ) comes out !