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I still can't figure out Seth. On the one hand he seems indifferent, depressive and disappointed of everything in life, on the other hand he seems very emotional, passionate and determined. I think if he falls for Robin, his feelings might help him to get rid of his depression. Also I think Robin will motivate him to achieve his potential. I'm sure they can teach other many things and help each other to overcome their fears and psychological traumas. Also, I might be wrong but  Seth strikes me as a jealous type (the fight in front of Beau where Seth asks Robin to choose between one of them)… I repeat that I might be wrong, but I think if Seth have feelings for Robin, he will want her all to himself. It's one of the reasons why I expect some steamy and passionate scenes between them. Sorry for my bad English. I hope I didn't write anything stupid. I really love your game. It's one of my favorite otome games and I have to say that I've played lots of otome.

Wish you lots of inspiration. Looking forward for Seth's route!

You didn't write anything stupid. Very insightful! Thank you.