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The mechanics for the shifting hallways and rooms were awesome, it flowed nicely througout the game.
Some questions were raised tho. Does the coins make any difference if collected? 

Also, the braille. What does it say? I got it to ''#AJ CO9S NE$$'' 
You also start to wonder who drew that picture in the cave.
I had a lot of fun playing and it's a great game. 
(If you think anything in this text is a spoiler, tell me and I'll edit it out :)) 

Great job :D


Glad you had fun! Nice video, and even going back to try the secret area again. You're right, the code on the wall was compressed into grade-2 rather poorly and is missing information. Here's the grade-1: ⠼⠁⠼⠚ ⠉⠕⠊⠝⠎ ⠝⠑⠑⠙⠑⠙ Thanks for playing!

I just couldn't drop it. I had to know what the secret area was about. But does the coins make a difference? 
Thanks, Im going to check out what it means :)