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I just couldn't drop it. I had to know what the secret area was about. But does the coins make a difference? 
Thanks, Im going to check out what it means :)

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The mechanics for the shifting hallways and rooms were awesome, it flowed nicely througout the game.
Some questions were raised tho. Does the coins make any difference if collected? 

Also, the braille. What does it say? I got it to ''#AJ CO9S NE$$'' 
You also start to wonder who drew that picture in the cave.
I had a lot of fun playing and it's a great game. 
(If you think anything in this text is a spoiler, tell me and I'll edit it out :)) 

Great job :D

I only have one thing to say about this game and that is YES! This game is awesome! I had alot of fun playing and it looks nice. I only wish for more levels.

Good job! :D

PS. Sacrifices must be made

Really interesting, I enjoyed playing it very uch 
I got two of the possible endings, how many were they? 

Good job :)

It needs some work but it has good potential and is a good demo experience.

The last clue took me a while to figure out. Once you know it it's easy but it's just so uncommon in a horror game 😊

Good job! 

This is super creepy, It sure shows that you guys put a lot of work and thought in to this.

It will be interesting to see what more you guys come up with in the future. 

Great job :)

This game is hard! It took me several tries to make it. But eventually I managed to get away with murder. The game looks good and plays well.

Good job 😊

This game 

This game was awesome! I can't wait for the full release. I really liked how you were able to play an entire "chapter" without giving away too much of the story in the full game. Also it looks amazing, especially for a demo. Some parts also gave some spooky vibes and I thought for sure I was going to get jumpscared.

Good job ! 😊

Very cute game that made me stress out a lot more than I thought I would. The mechanics works good and the game overall has a nice feeling to it. 

Good job :D

I actually managed to get jumpscared,  Just shows what a whimp I am... 

I liked the game alot, once I figured out what to do it was really fun. 

Good job :D

This game was loads of fun! It's so cool that an Indie game looks so much better than the first games it's based upon (meaning the old TR games).  

I wish there were more so that I could play more! If this were to become a series that would be amazing! 

There were some wonks and tonks in the physics but it didn't ruin the fun. 

Great job! :)

This game has a nice atmosphere to it. There were some creepy moments and Im glad it wasn't just littered with jumspcares.

Well done :)

Really unique mechanic, the monster is super fast so you really gotta act quickly. I died before even getting in to the game. 

It has a really creepy vibe to it. 

Good job! 

Haha! Love the bug feature part. Lol

This game is infuriating! If you are looking for a good rage game, seek no further. Play the version without the checkpionts, just to make sure you loose your minds. 

I never made it past the car. This game is so hard!

Good job! 

A nice creepy vibe during the entire game. My favorite part was definitely the shadow though. Would love too see more games from you!

Keep up the good work :)

This game is so great! I loved every second of playing it, it is truly amazing and looks wonderful. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us with the full release of the game. 

Also, I have always wanted a narrator voice :D

Such a fun game, had a really good time playing it :) Good job! I liked the way you used her facial expressions to show how you were doing. 

Is it even possible to feed her the meatballs? I tried everything, literally :D

P.S Loved the mustache.

This is such a cool game! I had loads of fun discovering what people are hiding in their bums. 
Really good job with this game!

Damn! That was fast! Im almost embarassed now xD
You are good!

Really cool game. I  just couldn't help but think about Thing from the Addams family.
The part with the chainsaw and kicking got pretty though but clearly not unbeatable.
I would definitely recommend people to play this considering how much fun I had!

Great Job!

Exciting! I cant wait to play more of this game :D

Exciting! I cant wati to play more of this game :D

This game nearly broke my mind, it teared a big hole in my soul that will probably never heal...
But you can't give up, you have to keep going because you have to prove to this postman that you are better than him while he stares at you with his dead eyes and mocking smile...

It took one of my controllers from me  (rest in peace brave soldier) but eventually I beat it.

In your face game!

A really neat game with some really nice looking graphics. I wish it was longer but I had really fun playing it!

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The chaos factor is a really fun feature I don't think you should lower it. I don't think you should lower the difficulty. It's a game, it's supposed to be challenging.  Maybe you should write in the game description that there is a special cinematic if you beat it, then people will get curious. We are used to games just ending without any cinematics, so we don't expect it. :D

Now that I know that there is a cinematic ending I got really curious and I will probably play it again :)

That's a really cool feature.  Of course! It was never my intention to spoil anything. Just to let you know I removed it 2 days ago, just forgot to answer <3

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This game was really hard, I didn't actually manage to beat it. 

Anyhow it's a really well made and fun game to play. I would definitely recommend people to play it.

Good job!

I can't wait to play the next one :D

I didn't actually get a single mission done because I had such a blast running around jumping, throwing things around and angering my dad.

It's a really fun game, I bet it's even better if you focus on the missions.

Good job!

This game is hard! I had a great time playing it though! I actually only managed to see a piece I didn't even got to pick it up xD

But I had a great time time playing so thank you!

Congratulations you managed to scare me! It's a really good game! The whispering is what really got to me.

Good job :D

This game is awesome! I can't wait for it too realese! I've alredy put it in my wishlist on steam!
A truly enjoyable and pleasant game experience which also looks good.

I'm hoping for more and more advanced puzzles in the full realese!

Good job!

A very nice looking and enjoyable game. It was a little short but nicely made!
I was surprised by the ending, it was a nice twist.

I had som minor bugs during the gameplay and the ending is a little unclear. 
Though this game has great potential and I still had a good experience while playing. I like how everyday objects turn in to monsters in the darkness, that was a really cool feature. 


A really nice runner game, I really like the artstyle! I had much fun playing it and it's amazing that you guys composed this in 48 hours! The game has a good flow throughout and works very well. Hope you don't mind that I made a video of it :D

Wellmade horror game with some good scares and tricky puzzles!

It's a really cool and wellmade game and I hope you find the time to finish it someday, it will be worth the wait! :D

A really cool but weird game. It has a supercool artstyle and looks really good. I didn't realize until after the game how much I missed in it so I will definitely be revisiting it  :D

This game looks really interesting! I can't wait for it to get English text  :D

Such a cool game. Very unique way to progress with the lights, I can't remember ever seeing something like that before :D

The art style is awesome and the game just generally has a nice flow to it! I had loads of fun playing it and can't wait until the full game is released.

Well done! :D