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Thanks for the kind words and glad you enjoy the Game.

The fact that you can collect all the remaining resources is an idea that I later came up with for our physical tabletop games.

The reason that you have to cycle through all the maps again is because of the days. Each time you go back to a land you've already explored, you get an extra day.

With that, developing an AI that takes the shortest path and calculate the Days, seems a little too much work for this type of game. But for future game development, we'll definitely keep that in mind.

Maybe for fast travel you can only travel in a straight line (not through water) but you have to take the maximum or average length of days to travel through it all. Actually the days mechanic is the one thing I didn't get in the game (maybe because I keep dying early LOL). What is the significance of keeping track of the days? Do you lose when too many days has elapsed?