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Maybe for fast travel you can only travel in a straight line (not through water) but you have to take the maximum or average length of days to travel through it all. Actually the days mechanic is the one thing I didn't get in the game (maybe because I keep dying early LOL). What is the significance of keeping track of the days? Do you lose when too many days has elapsed?

Great game and it is quite addictive. I been playing it all day. I have two suggestions to help speed up gameplay. One after defeating all the demons in an area it would great to just get all the resources rather than trying to keep rolling and rerolling until I get the 5 or 6 I need. Second I think it would save a bunch of time to be able to click to go to any area I scouted already instead having to kind of shuffle between the squares.

If anyone is stuck after talking to the cook in the basement, try playing the game on the browser on the page. Before that I was playing the game with two Game Boy emulators and after talking to the cook and getting the steak it spawns a box that is impossible to pass no matter what I did. I really wanted to find out what happens next so I then tried playing the game on the browser and the bug seems different. The boxes are invisible but passable so you can finish that game.  

Decided to try it again. Got through the section with no problems now. Guess the fourth time is the charm. Weird.

Hi, I got an error message I can't seem to pass. It on Chapter 3 at the second part of the driving tutorial. It says "Error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'width' of null" and the game crashes after that.  Thanks, great game ,hope to get the conclusion of the story!