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braking takes way too long (most likely due to improper/nonexistent  lag-handling and causes way too many fake wall crashes.)

Hi! Thanks for playing! :)
This is intended behaviour. Inertia is important as the game is designed to be difficult. The flow of light should not be stopped suddenly.
BUT it's possible the game isn't running at good performance in your system because of dinamic lights. Can you tell me your specs?


I'm playing on a intel core 2 running at 2.83GHz with intel q43/45 express chipset running win10 at work.

Thnaks! I'm afraid your hardware can't move properly the game, but  I think it's because it's not optimized for low specs. I'll take that into account for the next release and put graphic options settings for these cases. Thanks a lot and sorry for the inconveniences!