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This demo has so much polish. It's clear that you guys have gone over every piece of this design with a fine tooth comb. It's such a neat package, and I'm itching for the full release!

I enjoyed finding all the secrets and obtaining the "alien technology" from the orange dimension.

This game really respects the player. It respects their problem solving skills and platforming capabilities. It doesn't hold your hand so I feel like I have a lot of agency, and I love that in a game. It nudges you right when and where you need it.


thanks so much!


I agree so much! At first I was like, "great, another GBA styled game," :( :P (I'm not much a fan of the gameplay style), but this game was fantastic! Honestly, it felt really nice to grapple with its challenges. Like, this was the kind of game I'd wanted years earlier, but never found.

The genre probably isn't so bad... I just never found a game I liked from it.