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Slick! Thank you.

This game is the definition of juiced. I love the fact that the game only gets better (w/ hidden items and strats) even after multiple deaths.

I saw this on's cover, and knew that it was a game I'd love to play, though I didn't at the time, being strapped for cash and under the impression that it was paid. This truly is the epitome of game design.

Thank you

Huh. It's fascinating that that's all.

Is there truly an "it" to find you? (maybe it's better to keep that a secret.)

Your trailer is out, btw.

This is quite an achievement. I've played many 3D Pico-8 games, but none so smooth. "Whoa, the advanced technology!" It feels like I'm actually there! :)

I saw this logged in the discord a month ago and immediately wanted to play it, but I was a little sheepish because it looked spooky. Playing it has been an experience. It feels exactly like playing LSD. (From what I've pieced together anyways.} Is there any logic to how it hops from room to room? (If not, I've totally given it some inside my mind.) Quite engaging.

The controls are a little janky, BUT in small places and in large, I can tell a lot of effort was put into this game. It was pleasant to reminisce on this strangely nostalgic version of a nostalgic video game. I'm glad that this team cares as much for their game as the community! I will pray for Madeline's future involving books! :-)

A very talented group. I hope more people start reading these, though it shouldn't have to happen to know that you guys are awesome! Bob's story was inspirational, Tomislav's was topical. You all are such amazing artists.

This is such an elegant solution to the classic Famicom-era problem. I would always feel bored scrolling through the same scenes, only to fight the same helicopters, space aliens, etc. This game feels really fun. I can't wait to play more, honestly!

If you're interested in doing this kind of work for a living, I might recommend finding a publisher. They're supposedly more common than you would have thought. Coming from Bunny Buster... I saw some posts on Twitter... I have no idea how you Pico-8 folk have the kind of endurance that you have! And yet you guys make the most awesome games!

Office Pie community · Created a new topic Early Reviews

I know this looks like a canceled game, but for what it's worth, this was really fun.

As someone who's never worked in an office (and never plans to if I can help it), I've always had a special sense of identification with the office life and the life and struggles of office workers. Maybe that's my problem. I want to fit my feet into those terrible, pointy, leathery shoes.

I can tell this game is really unfinished, but I really like the way it's built up. Obviously, some kind of mystery, some kind of messing around, some kind of puzzle-solving through different strings of interactions. Though this demo looks to be a lot more hefty, a lot more sustainable than Job Simulator, for instance.

As someone who has started, completely intending to finish, many, many, many projects, I know how bad a failure can feel. It's nice to see some other projects on this creator page. (I just played "Tiny Platformer," and it was a-MAZ-ing.) I hope you keep up the good work! Cheers.

Definitely needs to join the list of favorite pizza-themed platfomers. :)

Secret Unlocked! Are there any more?

Is this what is known as wave function collapse? Very hard to learn, but I like this game!

Are they ever going to restock the Little Guys? They've been out forever.

Nice art, but I cannot rate the gift shop...

I found the beef.

This is an amazing game that I want to see succeed. Do you have a newsletter for updates?

Can I dm? I'm seeing some criticisms, but I don't think they're deserved. Just a passionate fellow dev.

Truly, inspiring.

Please make and sell a game. <3

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I like the art!

This is pretty amazing for a tweet cart!

Hee hee, this was fun. How long did this take to make?

Of course! I cannot not!!! ;)

This is literature.

That was fun! I never would have gotten stona, except by guessing. Cool game.

This was exceedingly fun! I loved walking through the city, even though it was a bit slow because my poor fingers couldn't mush any harder; I loved the grid-like, extra-detailed art; and the password-protected secret folder made the whole game feel rewarding.

Would love to see more games like this! (Although, I guess not if making them is such a bad experience. :)

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This is a pretty interesting gameplay loop; a bit difficult, but I don't mind. (Whenever that happens, I just play the first few levels over and over until I get good. :)

I see others saying the same thing: I love the diversity of the enemies! It makes the game very engaging. Something to fix the difficulty would be adding a difficulty selector on the first screen. This was a really fun NOKIA entry!

Hee hee, well, that's cool.

This was definitely one of my favorite things to come out of this jam. glad to see you're continuing development!

Out of curiosity, how did you manage the save feature? I've come back to this game twice, and have been glad that it's saved my progress. :)

This was really cute and fun.

This was fun.

I'm constantly amazed at your ability to produce a fun and engaging game. Hope to see more in the future!

Cheating through doors, are we?

It felt like a good attempt at capturing everybody's dream game (or dream game creator). I've always liked scribblenauts and the like. They felt impossible and magical in a sort of way. I feel like this could get there too with a more intuitive UI overhaul.

This is really fun.