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Hi! I really liked your game! I spent way more time playing this game than I should have - I have assignments to do! Thought I would leave you some feedback.

It took me a few moments to get used to control scheme, but soon i realised the controls were very much like an old-school controller. Awesome!

The way the light came out of the character and lit up tunnels as you moved around them was a really nice detail that I think more games should have.

I thought the "Rollerpig" character was a bit overpowered. all I had to do was hold down the roll/attack button and everything in front of me would die. The only time I seemed to take damage was when I would hit a wall and characters would come at me from behind. All I had to do was get into a habit of turning before I hit walls and I pretty much lived forever.

As a way of saying thanks, I have tipped you five dollars! Thanks for putting your creation up and inspiring new game devs like me!

Hey Gargit, sorry for the late reply. I've been on holiday for a while. :) Thanks for your kind words and your donation! And yes Rollerpig is broken. xD I find Ratbone even more broken myself though. Exploring different playstyles for characters in this gamejam ended in some being OP. I really enjoy their distinct feels though, I might want to revisit this class based gameplay in another game in the future. :)