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2 ways to get stuck in this game :-/

Could you tell me how it happened? I may be able to fix it :)

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there were 2 things:
1. at the first checkpoint, had gotten nothing until then except the blue gun (obviously).
there are 2 ponds left and right of the checkpoint.
walked into the right pond. got stuck.
couldn't change direction , couldn't jump.
just stuck.
had to go to the main menu and load the file again.
and avoid falling into thatz pit when entering or leaving that save point room.

played the game much further, havent tried it anymore after  getting more equipment.

2. not sure how to pinpoint the place:
there's some long vertical coridor.
2 exits (left and right) at the bottom.
right one is a blue door, leading to a savepoint.
left door is a red one.

Well, since there were tons of places to investigate at the start, right after getting the blue gun., I managed to walk to the same spot.
first entered right door. saw savepoint, saved.
went out.
couldnt destroy red door.
okay, back i guess.

well, couldnt jump up there either cause jump upgrade was needed.
and I well, after coolecting the blue gun, directly walked there without getting any other upgrade.
so I was stuck there since I had saved and had not the upgrades to get out of there again.

not sure if I did something special to get there.
just followed the normal path.

Edit: just played the game again.
2. the mentioned spot is where the entrance to that violet place is (where you also fight a harder version of the first boss again.)
walked the path again.
you basically go into the first availlable long corridor, all the way down, to the left, again all the way down. and you're stuck.
from what I see just letting you fall all the way down there can get you stuck.

okay, maybe the 3 turret thing and all the enemies should have killed me by then.
But with having collected the reachable health ups and simply avoiding damage got me there :-)
1. just checked again (after having most items, at least more than 50% of them).
first when I jumped in, it seemed normal, could move left or right in that pond.
however when I moved against the right wall of the pond, I got stuck.

guess that's a thing with the collision detection between the character and the wall that gets me stuck there.

okay, to be precisely:
you move into that right pond.
you move to and against the left (or right wall) .
you jump.
characters raised his arms, but doesn't move upward and is stuck.
no input makes him move again.
only titlescreen and reloading the thing helps.

Edit: regarding 1.:
I found another such point.
you know where you exit the violet area upwards into the orannge one?

yeah I just exited there, saw that I need to learn to crawl first and went back into the first screen of the violet area. when exiting the water to the left, it happened again.

Thanks for the detailed report, it's very helpful! :)

For problem 1, I've seen people having trouble jumping out of the water. The character would sometimes 'stick' and you would have to press jump again to leave the surface. But I've never seen someone ending up outright stuck. I need to investigate this further...

For problem 2, couldn't you use the ladders to get up to the main hub?

Again, thank you for your feedback :)

Problem 1 should be solved with version 1.0.3 :)