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I can't play the game anymore! I've downloaded the game and played for a while, but when I start the game now, I can't press the Continue, New Game, Login and Exit button! The Mute button in the top left of the screen does work. The buttons also turn orange when I hover over them.

P.S. Would I able to update the game and keep my safe files?

Could you run the game so that this happens again, then close the game and navigate to the SortTheCourt_Data folder next to the game's unzipped exe file, then grab the file called output_log.txt and email it to That will help me figure out what's going wrong.

Also, as long as you hang on to your save file (SortTheCourt_save.dat, found next to the game's exe) then you will be able to bring it over into future versions, so don't worry about that.

Done! :)