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hey there, i've been absolutely entranced by the game, been playing and replaying it for days now! what a unique mix of unforgiving gameplay , INCREDIBLE atmosphere and wonderful art. To think this was made by a single person in a couple of years humbles me greatly as a developer.

i found something that i find a bit weird tho, and i wanted to ask about it

SPOILERS, i suppose

in Ragnvaldr 's part of the dream in the tower of endless there's a clear path you can follow to his cottage, but if you stray from that and go around the forest you can circumvent the trees and reach the edges of the map, i found  weird stuff there like a row of three bear traps and a group of guards and priests waiting idly and even a marriage humping the air XD  is this supposed to happen? seems more like  an unfinished area than some kind of an easter egg or something !

Oh yeah, that's definitely not something you were meant to see! I thought I blocked all the roads to the debug stuff :D Nice find!

Incidentally, in a Neco the Sergal video I saw there's also a hidden path that takes you to what could only be a debug area in level 9. There's a bunch of character sprite models and you can fight the boss for ending A there.