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Nope, it's the same game 😀

Incidentally, in a Neco the Sergal video I saw there's also a hidden path that takes you to what could only be a debug area in level 9. There's a bunch of character sprite models and you can fight the boss for ending A there.

Hey there! I'm loving the game so far. I just wanted to report on a bug, plus a suggestion.

It happenned to me on a run with dark priest + the girl, after the tree area, once I reached the chained dead man, after interacting and the dialogue telling you there is nothing else to do in the dungeon, I tried interacting with the man again and a dialogue with D'arcy (who was not on my party) played out where she basically gasped and mourned over a complete black screen (I'm guessing this is a bug, I was really puzzled when I saw it happen).

On a another topic, I'd like to suggest perhaps a way to prevent multiple copies of a same book to be obtained during one playthrough. It's really annoying to get two torn pages, or two Anatomia or other types of books that are of no use once you got one of them already. It feels like a wasted opportunity to get something good, and libraries are rather rare in the game. So, ideally they would be non-repeatable. Of course that wouldn't apply to empty scrolls or books of enlightenment.

Keep up the good work!