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Yes I have a Lenovo explorer and it works. Only issue for me personally is movement is with the TouchPad  not the joystick. I wish all vr games would give us controller mapping options. 

Hey! I will try to solve that issue with the touchpad, so it uses the joystick instead. i will post a update as soon as i have added it. Thanks!


I have the same headset. Yep, touchpad motion was a bit weird and I had no sound.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


The first time I ran it the sound worked the second time I had no sound. 

Hm that's weird, you have focus in the game on your monitor right? So you are not pressing on another application at the same time making it lose focus?

I think there might be a way to enable the joystick in a steamvr config after checking around.

I know how to mess with controls through steam. Next time I fire it up I'll mess with them.