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OK the steamvr vive version launches and works in wmr. The controls work although the movement is mapped to the dreaded TouchPad. Man I'd like to meet the person who came up with the idea of putting a TouchPad on a gaming controller. 

I got the oculus version to work by launching steamvr and injecting it with revive. But. The controls don't work at all. They track but inputs don't work. 

I used wmr with the old system. I used oculus controls and just launched the file and it worked. I switched it to vive controls and it just changed the controls, I prefers the oculus mode, I loved the concept of your locomotion but the old one was hard to use, still made me giggle like a kid playing smb in vr. I will download your updated file when I get a chance and let you know how it works in mixed reality. 

You can try injecting it with revive. When I have some time I can see if that works. 

I've never used a vive does its TouchPad work well ?  Ive had issues with the TouchPad on wmr controllers with a few games, it doesn't work it seems way over sensitive. It is good to use the TouchPad as extra buttons when pushing on it. 

I know how to mess with controls through steam. Next time I fire it up I'll mess with them.

Another issue I had and it might just be me. I kept dropping things by accident. I would hit the palm button by accident. Maybe have it so you hold the palm button to pick it up and when you release the button it let's go. Idk maybe a bad idea just putting it out there. 

The first time I ran it the sound worked the second time I had no sound. 

Yes I have a Lenovo explorer and it works. Only issue for me personally is movement is with the TouchPad  not the joystick. I wish all vr games would give us controller mapping options.