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Oh yes thank, that did the trick. The ship were a bit to uncontrollable and it was to hard to move to the checkpoints. I also got stuck in one of the triangle obstacles. Maybe you can make it more of a move from A to B game and definitely think about the controls of the ship.

I'm glad I happened to know what the video size problem was. I suspect that's something to watch for now that that's a built-in Windows option that changes how games interact with the display.

Yes, that is a common comment "TOO uncontrollable". 

The physics test I did to learn Godot where I had an "Uncontrollable Spaceship" was a lot more controllable than this contest entry.

As I have stated before - I lacked the time for fine-tuning the game jam entry and all the interactions of mass of the ship, amount of gravity, objects on the playfield, playfield design, etc made this MUCH less controllable than the physics test version.

Below is what I had before the Wowie Jam! (the version seen in the video I posted to Jonas's response) -- but I started with a blank slate for the jam because I have learned a lot more about Godot since then. Unfortunately some aspects of the tuning which were correct (by luck) in that version, I was unable to match in the game jam version    

In this earlier version I didn't even have the hand grenades - if you play carefully and avoid letting yourself get turned upside down then everything is slow enough that you can calculate how to get yourself to bump into the things you need to go any direction you want to. (The ESC resets the sandbox if you do get stuck.)

I guess that's a bit of the negative part of a game jam -- when you know that you could have made it much better if you didn't need sleep so badly. 

I will definitely watch for this as I develop the game further -- spending time tuning it so that the player is better able to control the ship is important. It should be uncontrollable, but not THAT uncontrollable.