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I can't seem to be able to move any items from my inventory, whether it is to equip it in my hotbar or sell it.  Whenever i try to drag the items, it instead gives me an image of the item, similar to what you get by dragging pictures from the internet, and it's telling me I can't drop it. Am i doing something wrong? you can't see it, but my cursor is a black ring with a line through it


Hello, thank you for your message. You're right if you play over and chrome this bug happens. Try to play over We will fix the bug as soon as possible.

plzzzzzzz hurry with the bug fix soon on this issue as im hooked on this game but it saddens me i cant make as much gold as other players and im hooked to this game

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Can’t sell any goods. Getting same bug when dragging items for selling. Using chrome and url

Trying to use safari but connecting popup at login screen never finishes 


Using Firefox makes no difference 

How is it possible that anyone could sell things playing that game using browser?