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Really cool game with well made puzzle aspects and great art. As for further improvement, perhaps add a minimap for orientation?  Also, am I only supposed to get 42 apples unlike the screenshots with 53 total?

I can't seem to be able to move any items from my inventory, whether it is to equip it in my hotbar or sell it.  Whenever i try to drag the items, it instead gives me an image of the item, similar to what you get by dragging pictures from the internet, and it's telling me I can't drop it. Am i doing something wrong? you can't see it, but my cursor is a black ring with a line through it

Everything beyond windup (x1.4) is pretty unfair. Good game otherwise

I DID THE HARD MODE!!! It seemed unfairly hard, but i actually did it! It is all about learning patterns and mechanics, and reflecting over what just happend helps too. I love the style, I love the soundtrack and I love a good challenge!

Keep being awesome!