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Thank you for the kind words! And yes, the original needed more levels! In fact I'm putting a tonne of work into what I'm calling "Super Jump 'n Bump" so to keep me going it's going to be a paid game, $7 Australian - but it has a built in level editor with 100% controller support, so you never have to put the controller down (eg. you can use this on a Steam box, etc.) and a decent number of levels with different graphical tilesets that you can use to get started (I'm currently aiming for about 4 or more tilesets, and 3 levels for each of those - with hopefuly more to come if there's interest - eg. Christmas level, Halloween level, etc.).  And it has rounds like a real game, so rather than play forever until you quit, it has (by default) 25 kills per level, and 5 randomly selected levels, then the game ends and shows you the scoreboard.  But you can change those values in the settings.  Plus there are 4 selectable characters, and 8 selectable colours, so you can differentiate yourselves more easily, improved score screen / ranking, new tile types (death tiles, wind tiles, one-way platforms, etc.) and fingers crossed - but I hope to get in Steam Workshop support so everyone can share their crazy levels...